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I ordered a new evaporator

Back after this season ended, I ordered a new evaporator, it will be smaller than my old 3×8 woodfired one. I will set this one up to be oil fired. While the last one evaporated between 60-65 gph and made between 4&5 gal of syrup from 10-12% concentrate (syrup is 66.9% sugar when finished), the oil fired will boil away over half what the 3×8 did, because oil fired is so much more steady heat than wood fired. I’m starting with a similar sap concentrate, but if needed I may need to buy a better reverse osmosis (RO) machine to get a higher % concentrate. The current RO gets to about 7.5-8% sugar from raw sap at 2%, then a second pass gets it up to about 12-13% concentrate. That the best this RO will do, but many higher operating pressure RO’s can get 18-24% concentrate, To save oil I may end up buying one of the higher pressure RO’s, it certainly won’t be for the 025 season, If I decide it’s needed it would be for the 2026 season.

The new evaporator on oil will boil away about 40-45 GPH. I’ll then decide if I need the better RO or not.

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