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Bottling today

I opened another barrel of dark, Robust taste syrup today. I”m just waiting for it to heat up. The process I use, is I pump the cold syrup from a stainless steel barrel into my 2′ x 6′ propane fired finisher. From there I heat it to about 180-190F, then I pump it thru my filter press and into my water jacketed bottler. The WJ bottler has an electric heating element, heating the water that surrounds the syrup reservois in the canner, it holds 16 gal of syrup, that keeps the syrup at the ideal temperature of 184-188 F. Once in there it’s heated to 186+/- 2 degrees F and then it’s tested for grade and density. If needed it’s adjusted for denity, then I’m ready to start putting the hot syrup into retail containers. A barrel can be any of the following, 16 gal, 26.5 gal or 40 gal, in this case it’s a 26.5 gal.

I also need to get more half gallon jugs, as I’m very low on them and they are my best selling size. I used to pack 1 gal but the shipping is much higher for 1 gal than what it costs to ship 2 half gal, which fits in a USPS flat rate medium box, so once those came available I quit using 1 gal jugs.

I currently pack half pint, pint, quart and half gallon jugs. I only pack glass by special request, except for my bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. That is only available in 100ml, 200ml and 375ml glass flask bottles and for each one I dip the cap in melted wax. I use burgandy color wax.

I need to go check the temperature now of the syrup. What gets filled for my online store will be added tomorrow, I also fill for my only local outlet, The Eclectic Chic in Glenwood Plaza, Oneida, NY.

Have a great day!

DELAY, SOMETHING CAME UP, this will be finished tomorrow, I got interrupted and didn’t get any bottled today. I’ll be bottling tomorrow, with an interruption in the middle, my wife has something I need to do at mid morning. I’ll finish the bottling or at least the first 16 gal tomorrow, I’ll make sure I pack some of each size and I’ll put some of it up in the storefront online. If I need to I’ll finish Sunday. Sorry for the 1 day delay.

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