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Still working on Stripe

About 2 weeks ago, Stripe, my credit/debit card processor locked my account. I had to prove I was not selling alcohol without a license. To do that I had to send a sample of my bourbon barrel aged maple syrup for testing. I told Stripe what my process is, so the alcohol level would be extremely low, but they needed a test results. My first issue was that I spoke with another producer who also makes bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. It seems he paid a testing lab in Conn. to test his, at the price of slightly north of $400.00. I then contacted the New York State Maple Producer’s Association (NYSMPA) about the issue and was told the association owns a test machine and gave me the contact info for who to send a sample to. Last Wednesday I got a shipment ready to mail out for testing, but when I scheduled the package to be picked up, Thursday was a no go, big Fed. holiday, thus it went out Friday. I then sent a note to the producer who had paid the huge fee for the testing so if he ever needed a new test he’d save money since he’s also a NYSMPA member. The sample was received on Saturday and I got the results last evening. My sample had 0.67% alcohol. That’s far lower than the threshold for needing a license to sell alcohol. I then sent the results to Stripe. Hopefully my credit card processing will be turned back on very soon. The best part is that rather than paying over $400. it only cost $20 ( for replacement of a membrane in the test machine when needed)

If you try to buy some syrup or bourbon barrel aged maple syrup in my online store and the credit/debit card says it’s locked, just wait a day and try again. I have no idea how fast they will turn it back on, when they suddenly decided it had to be turned off it was instant.

In the mean time, have a greaqt day.

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