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Is Stripe working properly

I submitted the test results to Stripe, the credit/debit card processor for my online store. They never responded. If anyone has a problem using a credit or debit card to make a purchase, please send me an email to: I’m hoping it’s functioning properly again, but their lack of communication has me concerned. So, I ask anyone who makes a purchase using a crdit or debit card let me know at the email address if it worked or locked you out. I just can’t figure them out, when they first locked the service they were eager to notify me, and as I asked many questions they responded in a short time, but now I get nothing at all.

By the way, the results cleared me, I do not have enough alcohol in my bourbon barrel aged maple syrup to be an issue (0.67%) far below the point where a liquer license is needed.

Thanks for your help.


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